• New! Everything you need for a perfect online registration form

    Advanced online solutions for events, conferences and donation registration.

  • Create a registration form with little to no effort

    Complete registration solutions, forms with maximum flexibility, an assortment of input fields

  • Compatible with most browsers and devices

    Designed to fit on your smartphone, tablet or desktop screen. Supports all modern browsers

  • An assortment of payment methods

    Charge in Dollars, Euros or Shekels, via a variety of methods including online credit-card transactions and PayPal. Produces invoices and receipts


Online registration system

The new FormWizard from ProMarketing Wizard was built by people like yourself, people who have managed dozens of international and local events of all sizes, who understand that the registration system has a strong influence on the success of the event, on the amount of attendees and on real-time assessments.

Online registration system

Online system for creating and managing event registration forms. Let your registrants upload abstracts, buy tickets or order accommodation. Add and subtract fully customizable fields instantly and with ease.

Simple and easy to manage yourself!

As the form's administrator, you control all aspects of the registration process and its reporting tools. The system automatically manages all technical aspects, allowing you to focus on managing your event.

An information mini-site for your event

A successful registration process begins with providing the desired information, from the basic time and venue to agendas, speakers, arrival maps.

Reporting and registration status

A graphic report of registration statistics and daily registrations. All registration data can be instantly exported to an Excel spreadsheet.

A variety of payment methods

Adding prices to your fields, managing inventory, and automatically calculating the final sum. Charge in Dollars, Euros or Shekels, via credit card, PayPal, bank transfers and more.

Supporting a variety of devices

A single registration page compatible with smartphones and tablets. Adjust the form's appearance to your brand or your company's color scheme. Alternatively, embed the form in your own website.


New! Designed event websites

A single responsive web page to display all the necessary information about your event. Color scheme and backgrounds are customizable.

The mini website includes the event details - date, venue, count-down clock, arrival map, speakers list, board members, mini-agenda, sponsors, contact form, social links and more. Special launch prices available. Ask us about our designed websites.

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Our Team

The new Forms Wizard by ProMarketing Wizard was designed and built by a professional team with years of experience in managing events of all sizes. Our team worked hard to bring you an advanced system while keeping the user interface as simple and user-friendly as possible.


New! e-Posters

Display your posters online or on digital screens. All you need to do is upload your PDFs.

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In order for our clients to provide good service to their customers, we must be attentive to their needs, and do everything it takes so that the end-customer is satisfied. Professional integrity and reliability are our keys to a successful service.

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